Institutional Memberships

Academic programs abroad offer all the richness of Paris, to say nothing of superb faculty and dedicated administrators. A full-service library is something else. While there is no replacing the one back on your home campus, we like to think we can provide some of the basics, and at a modest cost. And in the case of French universities with courses requiring English-language primary resource materials, French lycées with Anglophone sections and international schools with comptetitive IB programs, we offer the breadth of English-language materials that may suit your needs.

The American Library in Paris, established in 1920, hosts one of the largest collections on the European continent of English-language books, periodicals, reference materials, and research archives. History, literature, biography and criticism are among our strongest holdings, especially in areas of special interest to anyone studying in Paris – France, Americans in France, French-American relations. We also have a full range of movies and television programs on DVD.

The Library, located near the Eiffel Tower, is also a hospitable place to study, with a reading room and research center, wireless internet service, and reference librarians for specialized assistance. The American Library in Paris also hosts a continuing series of literary and issues-oriented evenings featuring prominent authors and other figures in public life.

Several lycées, colleges and universities operating in and around Paris benefit from our institutional memberships at discounted prices tailored to the academic calendar and the needs of each institution. One-year memberships allowing up to four people access to and borrow-rights for the Library's resources can be adapted for a select number of students, instructors or staff.

By becoming an Institutional Member of the Library, you not only provide access to our collection for your students, staff and faculty, you enable the Library to continue supporting students, researchers and the community. Contact Pauline Lemasson to discuss how the Library can support your efforts.

Here's what one of our Institutional Members had to say about partnering with the Library:

Given that Trinity College/CEI Paris has a rather small collection of English language books, the American Library’s resources are indispensable to us, and especially to those students doing research and reading in English. Without the ALP, doing research in English would be challenging. The library not only offers a wealth of up to date materials for consultation, but you also provide a comfortable, pleasant space in which to study. Additionally, having Wi-Fi accessibility throughout the library makes students feel at home and allows them to access on-line journals to supplement the library’s collection.

One of our students remarked that it was the only space in which she could study effectively; I would frequently see her ensconced at a table, surrounded by books and writing materials, looking as if she would be happy never to leave that spot. Your friendly, helpful staff conducts an excellent orientation session to familiarize our students with the library’s resources, including periodicals and computers. Furthermore, they are readily available to assist our students in their research.  One staff member went so far as to provide personal contacts as interviewees for a Trinity student working on a sociology paper! I’m sure that’s not in her job description.

....Finally, the library has also provided me, as a professor in our program, with an outstanding teaching tool in the form of the Evenings with an Author lecture series. The books and other topics discussed often delve into cultural comparisons and provide the students with a new perspective on their own culture.

Francie Plough Seder
On-Site Director
Trinity College/CEI Paris


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