Tours & Workshops

Tours & Workshops

Information literacy (i.e. the ability to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information) is crucial to succeed in today's information-based economy. The Library provides both general orientation tours as well as more in-depth instruction to introduce students to library resources, help students use these resources effectively, and help them develop critical evaluation skills.


This tour, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, highlights how you can use the library and includes a presentation of our collections and services, a demonstration of our specific resources and finding tools (library catalog, indexes, databases, etc.), and an overview of the premises.


The Library also offers a variety of orientations that target the diverse needs of our community. Special programs have been developed for classes from various schools and institutions, including bilingual schools and French public schools. Tours are offered for all age groups, ranging from Preschool (maternelle) through Middle School (collège) with our Youth Librarian, as well as High School (lycée), and College (université) students with our Reference Librarian.

These visits can feature topics ranging from a short discussion about library etiquette and book care and thematic treasure hunts for younger children to more in-depth workshops focused on research methodology including bibliographic instruction, as well as an initiation to database search.

Please note we charge a €4,00 fee per participant and that the maximum group capacity is 13 people. A large group will need to divide their participants in smaller groups and schedule several sessions. All tours and workshops are conducted in English.

The Library offers complimentary introductory tours to new institutional members, their students and professors. Library professionals are welcome to schedule a visit.

Contact our reference librarian for details and to schedule your class visit.

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